Hankook prepares for production of airless tires

Hankook iFlex

Airless tires were one step closer to the start of production, after the model iFlex from Hankook passed a series of high-speed tests. This is the fifth version of pneumatic tires.

As we all know, conventional car tires need air. This is the basis of their operation. The new Hankook iFlex uses a different operating principle – a special cushioning design and material that makes the tires no less effective than the classic ones, and at the same time endow them with a number of advantages.

During the testing of iFlex, several parameters were evaluated: strength, hardness, stability, behavior at slalom and motion at speeds over 130 km / h. As a result, very promising results were shown.

At the moment, iFlex tires are still at the testing stage, although experts note their huge potential in the automotive industry. They are not afraid of punctures and are much more environmentally friendly in matters of production and disposal.