How to make a personal air conditioner for your desktop

Homemade personal air conditioner

On hot summer days, especially in modest offices not equipped with air conditioners, the work, to put it mildly, does not give much pleasure. And it’s necessary to work. And then a well-known saying comes to mind: it’s a shame to invent fiction. It turns out that making a personal air conditioner for the desktop is literally a couple of trifles.

On the Internet, a video recently appeared about how an office clerk literally built a cross between a fan and an air conditioner in just a few minutes, for which he needed a used can of cola, a 9-volt battery and a 9-volt fan from an old computer.

Its creator describes his creative impulse:

“I was bored. I took a few items that were nearby and created a simple air conditioner for my desktop. These items were used from a cola bank, a 9-volt battery and a 9-volt fan from a computer. At the top of the jar I made holes for air, and poured water into the jar with ice. By connecting the fan to the power supply, I soon felt a flow of cool air. “

Update: Unfortunately, after some time the author decided to delete the video for some unknown reason .