Maxplo concept tires are adapted to road conditions

Maxplo tires

Tires – the most important component of the car, responsible for its contact with the road surface. However, road conditions often change, which is due, above all, to the season and the type of road surface, which is why the car owner has to change the wheels.

The company Kumho introduced the revolutionary concept – airless tires Maxplo, able to rebuild under changed road conditions. In place of the fixed protector came the tire, which have the ability to change the configuration of its surface.

Maxplo tires

For example, on a wet road in order to prevent slipping, pumping water from the contact spot is carried out by special three-dimensional grooves created by computer simulation.

Before leaving on the cross-country terrain large blocks of the protector form on the tire a special pattern that widens the wheel, which increases the thrust. In winter conditions (snow, ice) from the protectors are issued spikes, invisible under normal conditions.

The car of the future

To ensure the operation of unique tires, additional hydrogen supply of the hub motor is provided. The tire size is 700 x 700 x 250 mm, weight is 12 kg. Maxplo tires were awarded a platinum medal in the nomination “Futuristic class” at the Italian Design Awards.