The NASA presented the concept of a probe for the study of gas giants


The engineers of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory presented a conceptual design of the probe for the exploration of gas giants. It is planned to use apparatus of similar design to obtain data on the atmosphere and structure of Jupiter and Saturn. Automatic probes must remain in the aggressive atmosphere of these planets for a long time.

The source of energy for bots will be the turbulence of the atmosphere, which they plan to use to generate electricity and create the necessary lift. Scientists rely on long-term presence of probes in the atmosphere and obtaining from them unique data. NASA has already funded this project for $ 100,000. And although today it is not planned to ship bots to gas giants, the creation of robots capable of soaring for a long time in their atmosphere, the aerospace agency considers very relevant.

Unlike Jupiter, released from the Galileo space probe by the parachute spacecraft, which lasted about an hour, these probes will be able to control their movement by ascending or descending. According to the project manager Adrian Stoica, the idea is borrowed in nature, namely the mechanism of distribution of dandelion seeds moving by the wind over long distances is used.