In Singapore, launched robotic swans for water quality control

Robotic swan

Employees of the National University of Singapore developed a robotic system for monitoring the pollution of reservoirs in real time. In order not to violate the harmony of nature, all research robots were given an external similarity with graceful white swans. The whole complex of drives and control equipment is hidden under water, and people see only beautiful bird models.

The developed robots do not need constant control, but are able to independently move to the required area for measurements. All information instantly arrives via communication channels into a single center for processing. The use of GPS technology allows each robotic laboratory to specify its own route of travel, which minimizes the cost of resources to detect deviations in the water composition.

This complex is compatible at the program level with databases used for environmental monitoring. When fixing anomalous deviations in the state of water resources, robots will help to quickly detect the source of pollution and predict the development of the situation.