“Smart” cover will determine if the milk has not sour

Smart Cover

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley, along with colleagues from the University of Taiwan, developed a wireless sensor to determine the freshness of milk. The method is based on the change in the resonant frequency of the oscillatory circuit, depending on the amount of bacteria contained in the milk.

The sensor is fully printed on a 3D printer and placed in a standard cover that closes the bag with milk. After a slight shake of the packet, a small amount of milk enters the cavity of the condenser, where the resonant frequency is analyzed. The change in the electrical signal will speak of the increased number of bacteria in the product.

In the near future, the launch of this development is not planned, but the very idea of ​​remote quality control of packaged products is important.

Somewhat earlier, the results of developing a meat freshness sensor based on carbon nanotubes were published at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is expected that further development of technologies will allow to determine the freshness of products on supermarket shelves using a smartphone. To date, sensors are not used because of the high cost.