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A step closer to the robo-apocalypse: a quadrocopter with a pistol

Quadrocopter with a gun

The appearance on the YouTube service of a video of a quadrocopter with a semi-automatic pistol fixed on it practically coincided with the passage of the computer program of the Turing test. For 60 years the test helped to distinguish the machine from the person on the answers given to the questions.

Earlier in the network, the video of a quadrocopter equipped with a machine gun was already laid out, but it turned out to be an add-on for the game Call of Duty. This time, a quadrocopter with a pistol mounted on it is real. The drone has a length of 66 cm, while it can easily overcome significant distances and attack any target.

Scientists are concerned about the rapid development of artificial intelligence systems and the desire of people to use robots for military purposes. Physicist Stephen Hawking at the London conference The Spirit of Time (Zeitgeist-2015) expressed his fear that artificial intelligence would be compared to man for several decades. And it will be very bad if its goals do not coincide with the universal.

Many scientists oppose the use of artificial intelligence for weapons control. Of course, flying a maximum of 10-15 minutes quadrocopter with an installed gun and control device will not lead to a universal catastrophe, but this is only the first step.