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What will the bacterium do if it is entrusted to control the robot?

Robot under the control of bacteria

Scientists at the Polytechnic University of Virginia published sensational research results proving the possibility of creating a brain for robots. A robot controlled by intestinal E. coli rods was developed, but the most interesting was that he possessed predator habits when approaching the source of food. After finding food, the robot stopped in front of her, and then jumped forward, which corresponds to the behavior in this situation of higher animals hunting prey.

The transfer of information from bacteria to the robot’s actuating mechanisms was carried out due to the gene modification of bacteria, which allowed changing the color of their glow, depending on the nature of the food. The data were captured using a group of sensors and a miniature microscope.

The experiments were carried out after obtaining data on the behavior change during pairing of fruit flies under the influence of various bacteria. No less important were the conclusions about increasing the stress resistance of laboratory mice when administered probiotics. Research in this direction will help to better understand the influence of a person’s microbiome on his behavior, and also facilitate the development of methods for correcting his psycho-physical state.